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A guarantee for healthy indoor air quality

Our mission: to enable the best air quality in every indoor space, both for private individuals and companies.

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Intelligent HEPA UV ionizer air purifier CA-503T Compact Smart
In stock
Suitable for rooms up to 30m² / 75m³ / 322t²
Intelligent HEPA ionizer air purifier CA-505 Smart
In stock
Suitable for rooms up to 50m² / 125m³ / 538t²
Dehumidifier and air purifier CA-702 Smart
In stock
Suitable for rooms up to 20m² / 50m³

Humidifier CA-604B Smart Top Filling
In stock
Suitable for rooms up to 55m² / 140m³ / 590ft²
Dehumidifier & air purifier CA-707
In stock
Suitable for rooms up to 70m² / 175m³ / 750ft²
Ideal humidity in the home
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Clean Air Optima® refurbished products
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Make it easy for yourself
Easy-to-use with the Clean Air Optima® Smart App More info
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Humidify indoor air
Proper humidity a prerequisite for good health! More info
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Dehumidifying indoor air
Optimal humidity essential for health and damage prevention! More info
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Hay fever: what to do?
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I have been using CA-506 since January 2014. Before, I had allergic reactions (stuffy nose) almost every night. After using the CA-506 it's getting better and better, now I never get my allergic and I can get quality sleeps every night. I am very satisfied with my purchase.


I bought this Humidifier as it has all the qualities I wanted - Heater, Ioniser and a large capacity water tank. I was not disappointed when I used it. It does an excellent job of keeping the air quality in a large room clean. I have noticed that some of the symptoms I had are either gone or going, which I can only put down to using the humidifier. The unit is easy to clean and maintain too. Also, I found the service and delivery very good and very helpful. Highly recommended!


I am really impressed with the CA-904W it works well with very little noise. The digital control system is fantastic, I am using in a room with tropical birds and temperature control is vital. I am saving money on energy as well as improving the environment for my birds and ME! I have also purchased a humidifier from Clean Air Optima to make the environment perfect.


We live in a place where all the neighbours use solid fuel during winter season for heating. The air gets dangerously polluted (code red) for the people with respiratory problems. Since we took the CA-506 three days ago all the smells disappear in few minutes. The air in the rooms got much breathable. Before we could see with naked eye the dust floating in the air, now it's impossible to spot anything. We are very happy with this purchase cause it solved our biggest air problems at home.

Rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 3741 reviews.
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A guarantee for healthy indoor air quality

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